A New Moon Rises.

About this Site

Welcome to the official website for Song of Sages! Here is where you can read about the characters, setting, and lore behind the story. It will also become the official hub for reading Song of Sages as each chapter becomes available to read. I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by, and I hope that you enjoy Song of Sages when I'm able to fully release the story. It's a story that's very near and dear to my heart, and one I've been wanting to tell since I was very young.

It Began Long Ago...

When the gods were young and so was the world, immortal beings from other worlds, known as Elysians and Ribyssians, attempted to bring conquest and domination to the still-young planet. Many mortals suffered under their iron-fisted rule and over their petty quarreling amongst themselves, leading the mortals to plead to the gods for help. For the power to overthrow their cruel alien masters and take back the world for themselves.

And the gods answered. They bestowed magic unto their people, and from this gift of magic came twelve particularly brave and compassionate souls who stood up and banded together, combining their power and knowledge to find a way to banish the Elysians and Ribyssians from Nihen. Though it was only a temporary seal, these twelve souls left behind twelve symbols of hope: the Twelve Holy Relics, objects imbued with divine power that could be used to restore the strength of the seal and keep Nihen safe and free.

Or, so the legend goes...

The Melancholy Scholar

Centuries later, a young scholar by the name of Aquaries finds himself thrown into events that stretch far beyond the walls of the library he calls home when his uncle, the man who taught him everything about magic and whom raised him from birth, disappears mysteriously while on a trip to study a recently uncovered ruin from the era of the Sages. With only a letter and a magic cloak, Aquaries gathers his two closest friends and sets out to solve the mystery of his uncle's disappearance.

Along his travels, he finds himself encountering many fellow mages with equally powerful mysteries and varied agendas. And it all comes together in pointing to one thing: the legend of the Sages, the power they left behind, and the truth about the seals that protect the world. Can Aquaries uncover the truth of it all, or will an ever-unraveling imbalance cause the world to decay?